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RADIOS AGAINST RACISM, nationalist populism and supremacist ideology

On this March 21, UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, and its radio members across Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the MENA region, will raise their volume against racism and discrimination. We are living in a World where increasing nationalist populism and supremacist ideology… read more

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community broadcaster Samir Flores Soberanes killed in Mexico

AMARC Europe joins the dismay and outrage of AMARC Mexico, the Front of Peoples in Defense of the Land and Water of Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala (FPDTA), the comrades and companions of the Community Radio of Almicingo, Mor., and the relatives and loved ones of SAMIR FLORES SOBERANES, outstanding leader of the FPDTA, founder and Director of Community… read more

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Spanish government attacks Human Rights and Press and Information Freedom

31 December 2014. Just one day after International Human Rights Day, 10 December, the #LeyMordaza (Gag Law) has been approved in Spain which essentially legalises human rights abuses and penalises media coverage that might uncover abusive police behaviour. Under the new law, the production and distribution of images such as the one below can get you a 30.000€… read more

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Spain: Radio Nava at risk of closure in Asturias

Radio Nava (Asturias, Spain) has started a campaign on the webpage to avoid the 30.000 Euros fine imposed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. The radio station has been charged for using an unauthorized frequency (only 3 community and free radios in Spain have legal licenses to broadcast). Besides the legal actions that this community radio is preparing, the… read more

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Fourth anniversary of the deaths of Bety Cariño and Jiri Jaakkola

Four years after the murder of Alberta Cariño Trujillo , director of the Center for Community Support Working Together (Cactus ) and a community radio activist and Jiry Jaakkola , a human rights observer from Finland , relatives, lawyers and fellow NGOs demand the arrest of the murderers and end to impunity . They keep on hunger strike .read more

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MOROCCO: Freedom of expression at risk

A Moroccan activist of the Med Net project, working on new media and freedom of expression was attacked while documenting an event .
Sunday, February 23 Ms. Wafae Charaf , a member of the group of alternative media involved in training activities on community journalism in Tangier , in the frame of MED NET project , was attacked ,… read more

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Egypt, transparency and rights: “MY RIGHT TO KNOW” Campaign

Three years after the revolutionary movement which called a halt to the past regime, the  situation of Egyptian media achieved great success on several fronts. Above all, the issue of liberalization of media became more popular among all the layers of society. Nevertheless Egyptian civil society and media remain under pressure. The experience of democratic transitions in other countries… read more