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AMARC Argentina: “Without Community Media there is not democracy”

AMARC Argentina members meeting in Bahía Blanca AMARC Argentina members gathered in the middle of June to share knowledge, practices and realities, and participate in intense debates in around the right to communication and current Argentina. The meeting ended on Monday, June 17, 2019  in Bahía Blanca, where FM De la Calle is located, a station that is about to celebrate its… read more

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ReMC asks the Andalusian Government to include community media in the development of the Audiovisual Law

Seville, November 11, 2014. The Community Media Network (ReMC) calls on the Andalusian regional government to incorporate the 95 citizen proposals developed under the Andalusian Education Forum Communication and Citizenship in the drafting of the Law on Audiovisual Communication for Andalusia . During its Extraordinary Annual Meeting, the ReMC expressed its supports for these proposals, and they were included in the Declaration of… read more