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FM broadcasting will run at least until 2025 in Saxonia-Anhalt (Germany)

By Michael Nicolai (Radio Corax) –  The Media Committee in the German Federal State Parliament of Saxonia-Anhalt has decided to change the media law in order to retain FM broadcasting at least until 2025.

\”Today\’s decision ensures that the FM radio in the end of this year will not end up as electronic scrap and that radio will continue to be… read more

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AMARC Europe Report 2012AMARC Europe Rapport 2012AMARC Europa Informe 2012

This Report reflects the activities of AMARC Europe during the year 2012, including advocacy, meetings, campaigns, etc.,  and the network\’s calendar and plan of action for year 2013. You can look at the document here or download a pdf version once you enter this post. présent rapport rend compte des activités de l\’AMARC Europe en 2012. Si vous… read more