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[Covid19] Spain: ReMC – Las radios comunitarias se unen 2 horas para darle la vuelta a la epidemia

¿Qué está haciendo la gente en sus barrios para luchar contra el virus y sus consecuencias sociales? ¿Qué piden a las administraciones públicas? Las emisoras de radio comunitarias de la ReMC emiten en red un programa especial de 2 horas este domingo 29 de marzo, entre las 11 y las 13.00. Así será” El otro coronavirus”. Escucha el programa pulsando… read more

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The ReMC will launch its strategy for the right to communicate in all areas

\”The seeds have been planted. Now we are going to water them\”, explains the new chairperson of the Community Media Network ReMC, Mariano Fernández Cabarcos.

It is the best image to describe the decisions taken at the assembly of the ReMC (Spanish network of community media) held in A Coruña, Galicia, 13-14 April 2018. Community media are going to plan actions… read more

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Community media input into Andalusian Audiovisual Legislation

The Spanish Community Media Association – REMC- has been making representations in the consultation carried out by the Andalusian autonomous government discussions of the Andalusian Audiovisual Media Law in the regional Parliament in 2018.
You can find more information on the REMC website and they have also subtitled the videos in English, . 

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The legal situation of Spanish Community Media Sector

The Community Media Sector has been developed in Spain since the 80s. However, Community Media legal recognition occurred 20 years later, when the State approved the new Audiovisual Communication General Law 7/2010, of March 31, 2010 . Over six years have passed and no one community radio has been awarded with a broadcasting license. Despite the requests made by the… read more

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Successful European Conference of Community Media in A Coruña

April 11th-13th, 2014 the Spanish Community Media Federation (Red de Medios Comunitarios, ReMC) and CUAC FM (community radio of A Coruña, Galicia) celebrated an European Conference in Community Media in that city. Besides lots of debates, training courses and exchange of experiences, more than a dozen of international community media and federations have met in Grundtvig´s and Leonardo´s workshops,… read more

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