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Soundroutes Band produces Video!

The Soundroutes band is a project of de Koer as part of a European partnership and a Creative Europe project Soundroutes. AMARC Europe is partner in this project and you can find all the project details here. Five musicians with diverse cultural backgrounds share the stage. Melodies from Syria, Belgium, Afghanistan, Marrocco, Bulgaria, klezmer, and more. Line-up: Gergana Velikova… read more

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Documentation of Lecture “The Alternative Economies of Community Media”

Nico Carpentier held a lecture with the title \”The Alternative Economies of Community Media\” at the E-Com Lab 2019 at the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) in Barcelona on 11 December 2019. \”The lecture first discussed the nature of community media, using the four approaches model (see Carpentier, Lie & Servaes, 2003; Carpentier, 2017) to community media as starting… read more