Our Staff

Francesco Diasio

AMARC Europe Regional Coordinator

Francesco Diasio was born in Italy. After obtaining adegree in Political Sciencein 1992 and a Master Degree in International Affairs, he started working as ajournalist for Radio Città Futura – Popolare Network, a community FM radio station based in Rome. During the years 1994 and 1995 he worked as editor in the daily news program Immi-news, focused on migrant’s issues. After a few months experience atSpectrum Radio, London, he became in1997 chief editor in Radio Città Futura. In1998he establishedAMISnet Multimedia Agency for Social Information, a web based radio agency providing content and journalistic productions in ‘ready to broadcast’ audio formats to a network of around25 Italian independent radios. From1998 to 2000, he was elected in theBoard of Directors of the European branch of AMARC, World Association of Community Radios, where he has been responsible for projects and campaigns. From2000 to 2006he worked in several projects formedia and civil society reinforcementenMiddle East(mainly inJordan 2000/2002, technical and journalistic set up of Ammannet radio project andPalestine 2003/2006, Med Hebron, community media canter in Hebron). In2004he was one of the founding members of theComunidad Medios Foro Europa, a platform involved in national and European political lobbying for the complete acknowledgement and promotion of the community media sector, as a basic element of a democratic and pluralistic environment. Since2005, as a follow up of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society, he is involved in theIFEX Tunisia Monitoring Groupfor the defence of freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Tunisia. IFEXhead of mission in Tunisia in 2007, during the same year he was the founder ofMed Info Radio (MIR, means “peace” in many languages), the firstall news satellite radio channelgathering news and supporting freedom of expression in the Mediterranean basin. From2006 to 2009he was consultant for the FrenchInstitut Panos Parisand the SwissFondation Hirondellepara latechnical and journalistic reinforcement of 34 community radiosin Democratic Republic of Congo (Kisangani, Bukavu, Lumumbashi, Mbuji Mayi, Mwene Ditu, Kolwesi, Boma). In2006he has been appointed asSecretary General of Amarc – Europe(regional branch of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters). In2010he led the firstemergency team of AMARC after the earthquake in Haiti. In2010y2011consultant forIMS– International Media Support for the development of theindependent radio sector in Pakistan, and for advice on thetechnical set up of the Somali refugee radio stationin the Daabab camp, Kenya. From2011 to 2016, he worked for the technical and political reinforcement ofTunisian community radio movement. In2012he worked for the set up of the independent radio channel,Radio al Hurra in Libya. In2012/2013consultant for the UK based NGOSoluciones de medios comunitariosto reinforce the community media sector in Tunisia and Libya.

Since June2014he’s covering the position ofSecretary General of AMARC International.

En2016y2017he assessed on behalf ofUnescothe media system inJordania(technical consultant for the support of independent broadcasters and Universities with media labs) and inMauritania (IDM indicators and media development in the country). In2017y2018he supported the Italian NGO Un ponte Per for the set up of 2 community radios inIraqi Kurdistan(Erbil and the Arbat refugee camp, Suleymania).

Speaker and panelist in many international conferences about freedom of expression and pluralism, he was also lecturer about Community Media at the Universities of Rome, Milan and Padova. Publications on different Italian national newspapers and academic magazines. He speaks six languages (Italian, French, English, Spanish, Polish, Flemish) and he manages a very basic communication in a seventh language (Arabic). At the International level, the activities are currently mainly related to the full political acknowledgement of the community media sector as a basic element of pluralism and democracy, digital switch over debate, promotion of cultural diversity and minority cultures through community media, networking, lobby and relationships with policy makers and International Institutions (i.e. European Parliament, Council of Europe, National regulatory authorities, UN agencies i.e. FAO, Unesco, UnWomen, ITU, public service representatives i.e. URTI, EBU, COPEAM).

Teléfono: (+32) 484 309 822
E-Mail: fradiasio@gmail.com

Alexander duque

AMARC Europe Project Coordinator

Alexander is community media activist, community developer and journalism trainer. He holds a MSc in Sociology of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz (AUT) and a MA in Political Communication of the Goldsmiths College in London (UK). From 1999 he has volunteered as program producer for Radio FRO (Linz/Austria). In 2008 he has joined the Radio FRO staff as training coordinator and after took over the programme and project department. In 2014 he has joined the Civil Peace Service and collaborated with a community media network in Cameroon on the role of community media in armed conflicts. Since 2019 he is project coordinator at AMARC Europe.

Alexander collaborated with the Council of Europe on anti-discriminative and inclusive media production, the ARS Electronica Art Festival in participation in community media, Festival of the Regions et al. He was member of the board of Radio Orange 94.0 (Vienna/Austria) and the Federation of Austrian Community Radios (VFRÖ).

Teléfono: (+43) 650 377 50 50
E-Mail: alexander.vojvoda@amarceurope.eu

Mariacristina Sciannamblo

AMARC Europe Researcher and Communication Officer

I am a researcher working at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies, Feminist Technoscience, and Participatory Design. Currently, I work in the European H2020 project Grassroots Radio. Previously, I worked in the European H2020 project Commonfare. I received a PhD in Sociology and Applied Social Sciences from Sapienza University of Rome.

E-Mail: cristina.sciannamblo@amarceurope.eu