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Día Internacional de la Mujer 2020: Igualdad soy Generación - Al darse cuenta de derechos de las mujeres

AMARC Europe is joining the International Women’s Day 2020 campaign This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action adopted in 1995 at the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing/China. AMARC Europe supports the The Beijing Declaration’s resolutions fully in order to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls, fight women’s economic independence and the structural reasons… Lee mas

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Feminista Día Radio 2019

On 21.10.2019 the Day of Feminist Radio took place for the second time in a row. Following the international radio conference Claim The Waves in Zurich, Switzerland 2018, this radio- and editorial-spanning day of action was jointly celebrated by 8 free radio stations in German-speaking countries. This year, already 16 radio stations have broadcast the Feministischer Radiotag in whole… Lee mas

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Feminista Radioday Internacional 2019

Today is International Feminist Radioday! The International Feminist Radioday today will feature over 24 hours of feminist content from over 12 editorial teams in 3 german-speaking countries. The broadcasts will include content against the patriarchy with feminist music, interviews, stories, features, shows and discussions. Why do we need a feminist radioday? According to a study by the ZHAW less than 39% of the… Lee mas

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La radio comunitaria y el día internacional de la mujer

Community radio stations must incorporate the gender perspective in their organisational structures and content, as indicated in paragraph \”J\” of the Beijing Platform for Action

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Consejo de Europa adopta la recomendación hito en la igualdad de género en el sector audiovisual

STRASBOURG, 28/09/2017. The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted a landmark Recommendation on Gender Equality in the Audiovisual Sector.
Esto sigue el Consejo de la Declaración de la Conferencia de Sarajevo de Europa que fue aprobado en agosto de 2015 con arreglo al Bosnia y Herzegovina Presidencia del Comité de Ministros.

The recommendation was drafted by a wide range of international experts from… Lee mas

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Marco de Ginebra sobre Género y Cooperación para el Desarrollo Internacional de Medios

El 7 y 8 de diciembre de 2015 las partes interesadas, incluyendo la Alianza Global de Medios y miembros (GAMAG) el género, las organizaciones de las Naciones Unidas, representantes de alto nivel del gobierno, organizaciones de desarrollo regionales e internacionales, el sector privado, las organizaciones de medios de comunicación y organizaciones de la sociedad civil se reunieron en el Palacio de las Naciones en Ginebra para dialogar sobre la necesidad de cooperación para el desarrollo internacional sobre género y medios de comunicación.

This meeting was organized by UNESCO… Lee mas

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En el Día Internacional de la Mujer, AMARC une fuerzas con la UNESCO para Las Mujeres Hacen la Noticia

Montreal, March 6, 2015. The World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) is joining forces with UNESCO and the Global Alliance on Media and Gender for the Women Make the News 2015 initiative. Under the theme ‘’Yes we must! Reaching Gender Equality in the Media by 2030’’, this initiative aims to push forward the involvement of women in all spheres of… Lee mas

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Nuevos audios de la campaña "En el camino a Beijing 20"

You can find now the audios of February of the campaign \”On the road to Beijing +20\” at the International Secretariat\’s web of AMARC. This month three countries are the protagonists: Canada (\”Féminisme d\’hier, égalité d\’aujourd\’hui?\”), Tunisia (\”La voilà journaliste\”) and Indonesia (\”Stop domestic violence for a better future\”).

This campaign is part of the agreement of the World Association… Lee mas

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CoE Manual sobre igualdad de género y los medios de comunicación

Kit de herramientas para promover la igualdad de género en los medios de comunicación. Las versiones en francés y Inglés

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En el camino a Beijing 20

On the road to BEIJING+20: An audio series produced by AMARC, in collaboration with UN Women

In September 1995, Beijing, China, welcomed thousands of men and women from all over the world for the Fourth World Conference on Women. Gender equality, the defense of the human rights and human dignity was the focus of the discussions.

After the event, the Beijing… Lee mas

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La Plataforma de Acción de Beijing & amp; Comunidad Radio Presentación por Frieda Werden en el CEPE Beijing 20 Foro en Ginebra, 04 de noviembre 2014

Women´s UN Report Network – Frieda Werden attended the UN World Conferences on Women in 1975 and 1995. She has worked as a volunteer and professionally in public and community radio in the US and Canada since 1973. In 1986, she co-founded WINGS: Women\’s International News Gathering Service; as its series producer, she internationally syndicates a weekly half-hour radio program by… Lee mas

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25 de noviembre - Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer

Today is 25th November, the United Nations International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women. And from today to 10th December, Humans Rights Day, there are 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaigns to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights.

Near… Lee mas

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Gender Policy for Community RadioPolitique de genre pour la radio communautairePolitica de Género para la radio comunitaria

La política de género explica el significado de la igualdad de género en la radio comunitaria y la forma en que se puede lograr. Demuestra las medidas necesarias que pueden permitir y alentar a las mujeres ’s participación igual en todos los ámbitos y niveles de la estación de radio.
The Gender Policy for Community Radio serve as a tool to implement gender equality in community radio stations.
The… Lee mas

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