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La Charte de la radio communautaire AMARC pour l'Europe

Recognising that community radio is an ideal means of fostering freedom of expression and information, the development of culture, the freedom of form and confront opinions and active participation in local life; noting that different cultures and traditions lead to diversity of forms of community radio; this Charter identifies objectives which community radio stations share and should strive… Lire la suite

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SMART pilote de formation à Budapest

From 4 – 7 June 2019 the team around the SMART Erasmus+ project held its first training of trainer pilot training in Budapest, Hungary. The training workshop hosted 10 participants from Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the Bask country to test and assess the developed training and gain important feedback on the next steps… Lire la suite

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Argentine AMARC: « Sans les médias communautaires il n'y a pas la démocratie »

AMARC Argentina members meeting in Bahía Blanca AMARC Argentina members gathered in the middle of June to share knowledge, practices and realities, and participate in intense debates in around the right to communication and current Argentina. The meeting ended on Monday, June 17, 2019 in Bahía Blanca, where FM De la Calle is located, a station that is about to celebrate its… Lire la suite

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Médias communautaires et la réduction des risques de catastrophe: Amarc à la Plate-forme mondiale des Nations Unies sur la réduction des risques de catastrophe

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is a biennial multi-stakeholder forum established by the UN General Assembly to review progress, share knowledge and discuss the latest developments and trends in reducing disaster risk. The sixth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP2019) took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 13 to 17 May, 2019, convened and organized… Lire la suite

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Déclaration sur l'Europe AMARC Augmentation du Fonds radiodiffusion privée en Autriche

AMARC Europe reacted to the amendment of the Austrian private broadcasting fund with a statement. Read the full statement in English below or download the statement in English or German To Austrian Federal Ministry European Union, Art, Culture and Media Ballhausplatz 2 1010 Vienna Austria Brussels, 23rd May 2019 Increase of the Private Broadcasting Fund and Amendment of the KommAustria Act of 6 May 2019 Dear Mr Blümel, Dear Federal Government… Lire la suite

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Plus d'argent pour les radiodiffuseurs privés autrichiens. Cependant, pourquoi seulement pour les radiodiffuseurs commerciaux?

In May 2019 the Austrian government increased the funding for the private media sector by € 5 million. However, this substantial increase will solely benefit the commercial private media sector – the funding for the community media sector remains the same. AMARC Europe invited Josef Seethaler to discuss the impact of these changes on the Austrian Community… Lire la suite

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journalisme éthique et responsable: le projet EMAC

The proliferation of mass media and new technologies has brought about decisive changes in and challenges to human communication processes and behaviour. The change in the media landscape has also impacted the role and social, professional and ethical responsibilities of journalists. These changes in the role that the media plays in the life of citizens have highlighted the importance… Lire la suite

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RADIOS CONTRE LE RACISME, le populisme nationaliste et de l'idéologie suprématiste

On this March 21, UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, and its radio members across Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the MENA region, will raise their volume against racism and discrimination. We are living in a World where increasing nationalist populism and supremacist ideology… Lire la suite

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Mars 18-22: semaine d'alphabétisation des médias européens

La Semaine européenne de l'éducation aux médias est une nouvelle initiative de la Commission européenne pour souligner l'importance sociale de l'éducation aux médias et à promouvoir des initiatives et des projets éducation aux médias à travers l'UE. Du 18 au 22 Mars 2019, divers événements autour du thème de l'éducation aux médias aura lieu à Bruxelles et dans les États membres. ... Lire la suite

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diffuseur communautaire Samir Flores Soberanes tué au Mexique

AMARC Europe joins the dismay and outrage of AMARC Mexico, the Front of Peoples in Defense of the Land and Water of Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala (FPDTA), the comrades and companions of the Community Radio of Almicingo, Mor., and the relatives and loved ones of SAMIR FLORES SOBERANES, outstanding leader of the FPDTA, founder and Director of Community… Lire la suite

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Conseil de l'Europe soutient le financement des médias communautaires pour garantir un journalisme de qualité à l'ère numérique

In a Declaration adopted by the Council of Europe\’ s Committee of Ministers encourages states to put in place a regulatory and policy framework that facilitates the operation of quality journalism, while not constraining media outlets’ editorial and operational independence. Recommended measures include a beneficial tax regime, financial support schemes and the possibility… Lire la suite

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Journée mondiale des radiocommunications 2019. Dialogue, tolérance et paix

On the occasion, the World Radio Day (WRD), the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) joins all its colleagues and partners in the Radio world, reaffirming the crucial role of the community broadcasting sector. Freedom of communication and expression are always critical in many Regions of the World. While engaging for dialogue, tolerance and peace, community radios are still and too often endangered by the… Lire la suite

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Conseil de l'Europe reconnaissent les médias communautaires avec le nouveau dépliant et microsite

The Council of Europe recognises the value of community media as a source of local content, cultural and linguistic diversity, media pluralism, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue. It endorses the commitment of community media to media and information literacy, through the development of critical and creative thinking and active participation in media content production. You can now… Lire la suite

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l'enlèvement et assassiner des rafael Murúa

AMARC Europe wants to join the voice and support of Community Media in Europe to our colleagues in Mexico, that this week mourn the death of the community radio activist Rafael Murúa Manriquez. Below, we reproduce the press release issued by AMARC Mexico and Article 19 in Mexico. Mexico City, January 21, 2019.- Community journalist Rafael Murúa… Lire la suite

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Ministère des communications annule le fonctionnement des stations de radio communautaires à travers le Brésil

Just days before the arrival of extreme right wing Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency of Brazil, outgoing Brazilian President Michel Temer, suspended the licenses for about 130 community radios across the South American country on the last day of his government. The decision was published on 31 December 2018, without time for a public debate on the matter. The… Lire la suite

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Respublika! - Des expériences dans l'exercice de la participation et la démocratie

The catalogue for \”Respublika! – Experiments in the Performance of Participation and Democracy\” (2019), edited by Nico Carpentier and published by NeMe, reports on the Respublika! project, initiated and curated by Nico Carpentier and co-organised with NeMe and CCMC. The catalogue highlights the 18 Respublika! art projects, through project narratives, artist interviews and more than 200 photographs and can be accessed… Lire la suite

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Des voix contre le G20 en Argentine

Buenos Aires, November 27, 2018The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters AMARC- Argentina, with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, joined the Collaborative Coverage of the People\’s Summit convened by the Confluencia Fuera G20 FMI, in coordination with other networks such as the National Network of Alternative Media and popular communicators from a wide social spectrum. Sally… Lire la suite

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BFR challenges the regulator’s decision for berlin frequency

The German Federal Association of Free Radios (BFR) has expressed their disappointment at the decision of the Media Council of the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg granting broadcasting licenses for non-commercial radio operations on the 88.4 MHz VHF frequencies in Berlin and 90.7 MHz in Potsdam in a way that the members of BFR feel gives preference to… Lire la suite

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Roumanie: premières licences pour les radios communautaires

Les changements technologiques, la connectivité haute et la participation dans tous FITS un seau

For the first time in Romania, two community radio station licenses have been issued in the framework of the European project Grassroot Wavelengths. The new high-tech FM stations will broadcast in, engage with, and serve two remote villages of Romania.

The Grassroot Wavelengths consortium innovates both the technologies and the… Lire la suite

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Le REMC lancera sa stratégie pour le droit de communiquer dans tous les domaines

\”The seeds have been planted. Now we are going to water them\”, explains the new chairperson of the Community Media Network ReMC, Mariano Fernández Cabarcos.

It is the best image to describe the decisions taken at the assembly of the ReMC (Spanish network of community media) held in A Coruña, Galicia, 13-14 April 2018. Community media are going to plan actions… Lire la suite

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médias communautaires dans la législation audiovisuelle entrée andalouse

Community Media Association espagnole - REMC- a fait des représentations dans la consultation menée par les discussions du gouvernement autonome d'Andalousie de la loi sur les médias audiovisuels andalous au Parlement régional en 2018.
You can find more information on the REMC website and they have also subtitled the videos in English, .

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Conseil de l'Europe: Médias, « un contrepoids à l'augmentation de la concentration des médias »

Le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe a adopté le 7 Mars la Recommandation CM / Rec (2018) 1 [1] du Comité des Ministres aux Etats membres sur le pluralisme des médias et la transparence de la propriété des médias

Après la Déclaration sur le rôle des médias communautaires dans la promotion de la cohésion sociale et le dialogue interculturel qui a été adoptée en 2009, c'est la première recommandation se référant à ... Lire la suite

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Les espaces d'inclusion - les réfugiés et les migrants et les médias

Le Conseil de l'Europe publication intitulée « Les espaces d'inclusion - Une étude exploratoire sur les besoins des réfugiés et des migrants dans le domaine de la communication des médias et sur les réponses des médias communautaires » a été préparé par des experts de la Communauté COMMIT Institut des médias en Autriche. Il a été présenté par COMMIT à l'atelier final « contre la haine des médias » à Bruxelles ... Lire la suite

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Les électeurs suisses rejettent NoBillag

March 4, 2018. UNIKOM, the Union of non-commercial radios in Switzerland, has acknowledged with great relief the result of the national vote rejecting the NoBillag-initiative. UNIKOM remains committed to ensuring that minorities have platforms for communication and self-expression and that they are empowered to use such platforms.
“The vote is also a recognition of the work of thousands of volunteers… Lire la suite

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Les organisations européennes des médias en charge le service public suisse et les chaînes de télévision et de radio locales

La liberté d'information à risque par l'initiative NoBillag
February 14th, 2018. On March 4th Swiss citizens will decide through a national vote whether to abolish the media reception fee, previously collected through the company Billag (hence the initiative’s name “NoBillag”). The current Swiss media system is comprised of public service, private and community media, each sector with its specific functions… Lire la suite

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Conférence sur la sensibilisation à la migration et des médias 2017

La Conférence officielle sur les migrations et les médias sensibilisation 2017 vidéos et photos sont maintenant disponibles, ainsi que d'autres documents sur leur site web.
The Conference on Migration and Media Awareness 2017 was the first ever dialogue of Media Practitioners, Policy Makers, Activists and Newcomers (Refugees/Migrants).
The CMMA 2017 is a two-day conference jointly organized by Refugee Radio Awareness Network, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Radio e.V and… Lire la suite

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Médias Autorités réglementaires et discours de haine

Le Conseil de l'Europe a présenté les autorités de régulation des médias et discours de haine, un rapport sur l'expérience des autorités de régulation des médias en Albanie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, la Croatie, le Kosovo, le Monténégro, la Macédoine et la Serbie dans le domaine du discours de haine.

Le document veut créer une compréhension du concept de discours de haine, et ce qui peut être fait en matière de prévention et de ... Lire la suite

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Le gouvernement de la Galice force la fermeture de la diffusion FM de charlatan

The members of CUAC FM decided on Thursday 28 September 2017 to cease their FM broadcasting after receiving a notification of sanction by the Xunta de Galicia, that threatens to fine the radio station with between 100 thousand and 200 thousand euros for broadcasting \”without having the corresponding license \”. The assembly that manages the radio decided to keep… Lire la suite

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Conseil de l'Europe adopte une recommandation historique sur l'égalité entre hommes et femmes dans le secteur audiovisuel

STRASBOURG, 28/09/2017. Le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe a adopté une recommandation historique sur l'égalité des sexes dans le secteur de l'audiovisuel.
Cela fait suite à la Déclaration du Conseil de l'Europe Conférence de Sarajevo qui a été adopté en Août 2015 dans la présidence de Bosnie-Herzégovine du Comité des Ministres.

La recommandation a été rédigée par un large éventail d'experts internationaux ... Lire la suite

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Le jardin appelle! Le jardin est Calling!

Appel ouvert Datscha Radio: Parcelles & Prophéties
Yes, we need gardens. And more gardens. We need more idle land and more bees. In the cities, and everywhere. And we need gardening knowledge. And more knowledge. In a changing world, definitely. And we need radio. Because the world is made of frequencies. Plants know that. With those flicker movies of a post-human future at… Lire la suite

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Les rapports sur l'atelier de formation Migration et réfugiés pour les journalistes européens

London, 4 – 8 September 2017. The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is inviting applications for a workshop it is organising for journalists from EU countries who are keen to improve their skills related to reporting on migrants, refugees and other vulnerable groups.

The event will be held in London between 4 – 8 September 2017. Journalists from EU countries interested in… Lire la suite

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Respublika !, une communauté d'une semaine festival des arts médiatiques

Respublika! est un festival d'arts médiatiques communautaire d'une semaine qui aura lieu à Chypre le 8-16 Décembre 2017. Le festival sera traduit simultanément en une exposition, qui se déroulera du 8 Décembre 2017-19 Janvier 2018, et alimentera une série des séminaires.

After the first call of applications–explicitly focused on community media affiliated artists–closed on 30… Lire la suite

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AMARC Europe à la réunion EPRA à Edimbourg mai 2017

Community media were invited by EPRA to take part in their meeting in Edinburgh 17th to 19th of May 2017 and present community media initiatives focused on media literacy. The invitation took place after lobbying by AMARC and CMFE in Dublin, and AMARC president, Michael Nicolai, President of AMARC Europe, represented community media with the support of CMFE as one of the speakers on… Lire la suite

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Le discursive-Matériel Knot. Chypre dans les conflits et les médias communautaires Participation

L'un des amis des médias communautaires dans le monde académique, Nico Carpentier, vient de publier un nouveau livre à la recherche sur le rôle et l'expérience des médias communautaires dans la résolution des conflits à Chypre.

Innumerous scholars—Cypriots and non-Cypriots alike—have taken on the study of the Cyprus conflict and the attempts of its transformation into a more peaceful and nonmilitarized situation. But never before… Lire la suite

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Conférence de presse civile

AMARC board member and WIN representative Xenia Helms attended the 8th Edition of Civilmedia17: UnConference for Community Media & Civil Society and #mediana-Konferenz taking place from 15-17 June in Salzburg, Austria. The almost exclusively German speaking event under the title \”Mach mit, mach\’s nach, mach\’s besser\” attracted around 150 radio enthusiasts and professionals from about 11 Countries, including the… Lire la suite

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L'engagement des jeunes dans les médias communautaires: Une étude des processus d'apprentissage dans la radio communautaire en Espagne

Photo par Griselda Vilar

Isabel Lema blanc, l'Europe AMARC, charlatan FM, Université de La Corogne.

This article presents the results of the research project, «Youth and third sector communication in Spain»[i] conducted in 2014-2015 by fourteen researchers, members of the RICCAP research network[ii]. The project was granted by the Queen Sofia Centre for Adolescents and Young People.

The aim of… Lire la suite

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Les langues minoritaires et libre Radios réunion au Pays Basque 28-30 Juin 2017

Pueblos – Bakea eta Duintasuna Elkarteak (Association for Peace and Dignity), Radio Antxeta Irratia and Arrosa Sarea (Network of Basque Free Radios), has organised the meeting called \”Minority Languages and Free Radios\” from the 28th to the 30th of June.

This is a follow up to an initial AMARC Europe meeting held in the European Parliament in Brussels in October 2013. This… Lire la suite

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30 ans de Radio100

On March 3 and 4, 2017 Radio100 celebrated its 30th anniversary in Berlin\’s Columbia Theater, twenty-six years after they had to close down due to bankruptcy. Many radio people, not only from community media were present at the event, in the audience and on various panels.
Radio100 was founded in the mid-1980s by initiatives and organisations from the alternative and… Lire la suite

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AMARC Europe, visite aux radios communautaires indiennes en Janvier / Février 2017

In January and February 2017, Michael Nicolai, President of AMARC Europe, together with radio-artist Ralf Wendt (Radio Corax), visited Indian community radios by invitation of UNESCO Chair on Community Media at the University of Hyderabad and met representatives of the Indian community radios at the UNESCO in New Delhi. While the community radio activists of India were interested in… Lire la suite

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(English / Deustch)

Au bord de l'eau sereine des journalistes de radio Lac de Constance à partir de plusieurs radios communautaires se réunissent pour apprendre, réseau et produire du contenu ensemble: Le Camp Radio est depuis 1995.

Each year around Ascension Day, community media journalists, nerds, political and social activists and technicians offer workshops of almost any kind concerning media and political activity. No matter where your interests lie, be it editorial… Lire la suite

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Programme de travail EPRA pour 2017 adopté

Further to a consultation phase, the EPRA Executive Board approved the final Work Programme at the end of January 2017 in Brussels.
This Annual Work Programme, which lays out EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2017, was prepared by assembling member authorities’ suggestions collected further to a call for topics.
The two plenary meetings in 2017 will take place… Lire la suite

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(English / Deutsch)

In what world do we want to live? For open communication. Against right-wing extremism.
Notes and call for features!Arson in accommodations for asylum seekers, right-wing parties and movements, the build-up of surveillance societies and the general closing-off to outsiders of any kind are only a few symptoms demonstrating how important it is to hold a stance against rising nationalism… Lire la suite

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La situation juridique du secteur espagnol des médias communautaires

The Community Media Sector has been developed in Spain since the 80s. However, Community Media legal recognition occurred 20 years later, when the State approved the new Audiovisual Communication General Law 7/2010, of March 31, 2010 . Over six years have passed and no one community radio has been awarded with a broadcasting license. Despite the requests made by the… Lire la suite

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100 heures plus de temps de radiodiffusion, mais aucune aide financière à Berlin

Berlin / Potsdam, GER - Depuis le 31 Octobre 2016 Pi Radio Verbund est sur l'air.
Tous les jours du lundi au vendredi, de 6h à 1h du matin émissions Pi Radio Verbund à Berlin et à Potsdam, en Allemagne.
Pi Radio Verbund is an alliance of the Berlin-based free community radios Pi Radio, Colaboradio, Studio Ansage and Potsdam-based free community radio Frrapo. In their session on September 14th, 2016, the Media Council… Lire la suite

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L'avenir de la "radiocamp" - Die Zukunft des Radiocamps

The traditional annual radiocamp at Lake Constance, Germany, has had turbulent times lately – and some may still be ahead.

Since the beginning of the millenium, radio-enthusiast gather together annually for the radiocamp in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

After the sudden and shocking death of the main organiser, Timo Stadler, in 2015 the camps future came into question. In 2016 an alternative camp was organised by 2 radio… Lire la suite

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Radio Revolten - Festival International Radio Art à Halle (Allemagne) 1er - le 30 Octobre 2016

art radio est une forme à multiples facettes de l'art. Pour illustrer cela par la célébration, le festival Radio Revolten (traduction: Radio Révoltes) organisée par Radio Corax a invité plus de 70 artistes de 17 pays à Halle (Saale) pour présenter 30 jours d'art radio contemporaine à 15 endroits dans la ville la forme de performances, installations, concerts et ... Lire la suite

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AMARC lance une campagne mondiale pour la sécurité des journalistes

According to UNESCO, 96% of crimes against freedom of expression affect local commercial or community media. In order to strengthen efforts to reduce the level of impunity for crimes against freedom of expression, World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) launches an international broadcast campaign of radio programmes highlighting the… Lire la suite

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SNRL Congrès à Biarritz (16, 17 et 18 Novembre 2016)

The Congress of Biarritz – SNRL 2016 is open to all actors in broadcasting, culture and information, within the limit of available seats. It will be held this year at the Biarritz Casino, hosted by the city, and also in Bayonne in the heart of French Basque Country, and finally in San Sebastian \”Donostia\”, capital of the Basque province… Lire la suite

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Radio Tilos. Foule-financement de leur propre documentaire

Radio Tilos is proof there is broadcasting without financial or economical gain. See how we have operated a radio station with such a large degree of independence solely based on community efforts, for 25 years. With the help of your donations we will be able to introduce to the audience this most unique, long-standing and independent radio station in Hungary;… Lire la suite

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Accès à l'information et des libertés fondamentales: This Is Your Right!

May 3, 2016. The World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) joins the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and all media stakeholders, international freedom of expression organizations and national associations struggling for communication rights to celebrate World Press Freedom Day and pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
Press freedom… Lire la suite